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    #5-WinX DevTools – Microsoft Office
    WinX DevTools is a plug-in developed by WinX, that extends the functionality of Microsoft Office in order to provide direct access to the source code of the document, and allow the developer to easily manipulate it.
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    Purchase order and maintenance control
    Generating purchase orders or change existing ones
    Verify prices
    Calculate bill of materials
    Integrate with the accounting system
    Optionally display the status (order or damage) of a collection
    Displays order history
    Manage the purchase power of purchasing agents
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    Permanent statistics
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    Eliminate manual work
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  7. rosajann

    and we will call it AVIFilter. It is a Virtualdub plugin that uses VirtualDUB for realtime modifications. I used it to capture some subtitles on some short movies, a few mpeg2 videos and some avi files.
    What it does
    Currently AVIFilter can capture avi…

    Hello everyone
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    The package contains four basic components: a main GUI, an API, a command line tool, and a configurable databasemodel.
    Main GUI
    The main GUI displays the available files and the destination, as well as the status. The files can be copied or the data can be adjusted in comparison to the current version of the file on the destination.
    PasConfig Tool
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